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Comprehensive Massage Services

The most common reason people seek a massage is for relaxation.

Today's fast-paced world leaves many of us stressed, tired and with many aches and pains.
The therapy of remedial massage can provide relief, decrease blood pressure, improve
movement, increase flexibility and energise the recipient.


Benefits of Massage:

Enhances clarity of mind and energy levels

Relieves neck pain

Alleviates fatigue, jet lag and headaches

increases circulation and Aids digestion


Wellbeing Massage Therapy


90mins $120

A total body massage using a sensual blend of oriental spices infused with warm Balinese stones and oil. A specialised massage technique uses harmonic movements to balance the body's energy. You will be transported to a renewed sense of relaxation and wellbeing.



60mins $80, 30mins $50

A strong, deep massage, which locates and dissolves muscle tension. Great for muscle spasms, neck, shoulder or back pain.